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June 22, 2008

Welsh UFO flap in Progress!

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 A lost UFO in Wales. Looking for sheep, probably.


Cardiff ‘copter coppers give chase to UFO Aliens visit the land of leeks and daffodils
By Scott Snowden →  21st June 2008

The pilot of a police helicopter was forced to take evasive action to avoid a collision with a UFO as the aircraft was returning to the Ministry of Defence base of St Athan, near Cardiff.

The three airmen described the unidentified flying object as “saucer-shaped”, and proceeded to pursue, getting as far as the North Devon coast.

 Journalist’s impression of how the UFO might have looked

This sighting comes only weeks after the MoD began a full disclosure to the public of its UFO-files, in which they state that even air traffic controllers and police officers have seen mysterious craft in the skies over Britain.

The helicopter was stationary, hovering at 500ft and waiting for clearance to land on June 7, when the crew spotted the UFO hurtling towards them from below.

A spokesman for South Wales Police said that they could confirm the Air Support Unit had sighted an unusual aircraft and that this was reported to the relevant authorities for further investigation. The unidentified flying object closed in at great speed, aiming straight for the helicopter, which was forced to swerve sharply.

“They are convinced it was a UFO. It sounds far-fetched, but they know what they saw.”

According to the South Wales Police, the helicopter crew crossed the Bristol channel in pursuit of the UFO, but lost sight of it and were forced to turn back due to low fuel.

From The Sun, some eyewitness accounts..

Dawn Williams, 45, feared an Independence Day-style alien invasion when she spotted a sinister shape in the sky above Aberdare Country Park hours earlier, on June 8.

She said: “It came over the horizon and was travelling for about a minute and a half before it disappeared.

“It was circular and had a dome on top – it looked like a planet with rings. I didn’t say anything at the time because I didn’t think anyone would believe me.”

Cabaret duo Katy Cunnion and Russell Quinn said a weird light in the sky FOLLOWED them on the A5 near Shrewsbury an hour after the ’copter scare.

Katy, 25, said: “It was hovering. At first I thought it was a helicopter, but every time I changed direction it was in the same place.

“It disappeared, then I got a bit freaked out when the light came back close enough for us to see it was saucer-shaped with lights which flashed from one to another in a chain.

Scene of sightings … Bonnybridge Triangle

“It looked like no plane or aircraft I had ever seen.”

It finally zoomed off “like a shooting star” after an hour.

Katy’s description of the UFO matches the one given by the helicopter cops.

Expert David Coggins, who has studied UFOs for 30 years, revealed: “I’m told that in the past three months airline pilots have been reporting at least two or three encounters a week with UFOs over the Bristol Channel.

“Many of them will have rational explanations, but the probability is around 15 to 20 per cent can’t be identified.”

The Ministry of Defence, which investigates UFO sightings, said it was still awaiting the police report on the helicopter incident.

Probability of people seeing something odd.. 90%


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