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June 30, 2008

Yet more UFO’s in the UK recently

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From Wales on line

Days before the St Athan incident a Bridgend man saw two aircraft, one at 200ft and the other at about 1,000ft, with “bright white lights at the front and flickering red and green lights at the rear.” They flew silently, only emitting a faint drone as they turned and disappeared.

In May a 100ft high green and blue triangle was seen over Pont Robert, Powys, along with ‘pink pulsating lights’.

Spotted near Port Talbot, two clusters of amber, orange and white lights in triangular formations, moving ‘like a bobbing cork’.

Last year one holidaymaker in Cardiff claimed to have seen “spaceships” and that little green men had “abducted his dog, car and tent”.

A silent bright orange globe-shaped light was seen by a Bridgend woman in February 2007, hovering over her mother’s house. “It made me feel weird,” she said.

In March 2006 a pensioner saw cigar shaped lights in the sky, moving down the Garth Mountain at speed for 30 minutes before vanishing.


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