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June 28, 2008

UFO’s in Australia, June 23rd, 2008.

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UFOs ‘invade’ Northern Territory town


June 27, 2008 09:58am

RESIDENTS of a small Northern Territory community say they are reeling with shock after four UFOs descended on their outback homes.
Families say they spent hours in fear as what appeared to be spaceships hovered just metres above their houses, the Northern Territory News reports.

Residents of Marlinja, 730km south of Darwin and with a population of 112, said the drama began at 8pm on Sunday.

Resident Janie Dixon said it started as an “ordinary” night.

“The kids were on the basketball courts, shooting a few hoops, and I was indoors talking to my two nieces when we heard a strange, loud noise,” she said.

“We thought it was a jet. I saw what I thought at first was the evening star, the first star you usually see at night.

“But then we saw three red lights in the distance, and the sound kept getting louder.

Ms Dixon said the UFOs hovered above the homes. She said at one stage the phone rang, but went dead when she tried to answer it.


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