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January 8, 2009

UFO rips arm off wind turbine

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A local turkey farmer described a glowing white light with an orange edge near the turbine as he drove past on Sunday moning. In Lincolnshire. The torn of arm was found beside the turbine, as yet there are no other theories as to how it happened…. date it occured is thought to be Sun 4 January 2009.

Seriously, it does look like something hit it damn hard from the air. Definitely an X files case.


October 29, 2008

Suspicious Sumerian seals.

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I have to say, the bird like figure does look like a space ship with aliens on it. More interesting is this seal with a solar system on it.

According to the stories it includes the destroyed planet that became the asteroid belt. I counted, there are 11 in total. Since I’m pretty sure only the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are visible with the naked eye, that leaves four unaccounted for..

October 26, 2008

The Stephenville UFOs on camera

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Stephenville residents report more UFO sightings

 October 25, 2008

STEPHENVILLE — Over a three-month period this summer there were 1,000 UFO sightings filed with the National UFO Reporting Center.

Some 75 of those UFOs were reported over the state of Texas.

Stephenville is one hot spot we’ve shown you before.

Now the small town is getting buzzed by UFOs again and we have the video.

“You could see the oval shape. Got my friend, I said ‘dude, you got to come look at this,'” said Andy Monrreal.

Monrreal was hanging out with his Dublin High School friends when they all saw something they say looked like a UFO.

“You could see a shape. It was like a complete circle,” said Monrreal.

He rolled off a half minute of video on his mom’s digital camera.

His dad saw it too.

“I never seen nothing like that in my life. Big lights and everything,” his father said.

So did mom.

“It was a round thing. You could see lights around it, flickering and changing. It was awesome. Just turning and flickering,” she said.

Back in January, Erath County went UFO crazy after a handful of people reported similar lights over Stephenville.

International press and UFO hunters descended on the town.

This time, many more eye witnesses are phoning the Stephenville Empire Tribune or the ET.

Reporter Whitney Ashley said many people don’t want to talk publicly, like several workers at the paper, who also saw the lights.

“I’ve got at least 10 right now willing to go on record,” Ashley said.

“The sheriff’s department got lots of calls in the southern part of Erath County.”

The Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth confirms seven F-16s training in the area at the time.

Several witnesses told us they saw the fighters, after they saw the mysterious lights.

Why is it no-one ever gets a good shot, and they are always blurred? I have to say, the lower one looks like an air balloon with navigation lights on it.

October 24, 2008

The UFO at the twin towers…

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Was a hoax. Well, technically it’s an advert called ‘the blimp’ for the Sci fi channel. The ‘tourist is an actress (Barbara Sicuranza) and the UFO is a computer inserted effect.

See link. Some people will believe anything.

Turkish UFO footage, real or not?

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So, I had a look at at this and I have a few comments to make..

IT’S NOT REAL would be the first comment. I’ve watched it through a few times, and here’s my reasons…

There is way to much sharp definition on it if it is meant to be a large, distant object. Okay, you’d get that kind of wobbling trying to focus on a small distant object too; but a large poorly lit object wouldn’t give the sharpness of detail you see on the top. Also I have an issue with the light source (yellow, from above, at night?), and the total lack of background/context the footage has. Not a skyline or star in sight. If it showed a long shot and zoomed in, that might give it a sense of scale, but it looks like a small model  filmed against a black cloth to me.

Another fake.

Probablility 1% (about as likely as ancient Pakistan being nuked).

Retired pilot explains 1957 UFO incident

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Retired pilot explains 1957 UFO incident

By Nicholas Spangler ,The Miami Herald

— If you believe former fighter pilot Milton Torres’ story — and news organizations are running with it — the Air Force was seconds from attacking an alien aircraft over England late one cloudy night in 1957.

Possible interstellar war was averted when the unidentified flying object sped away.

“It was not made of this Earth,” said Torres, 77, a retired Florida International University engineering professor. “I’d love to take a tour of that … UFO, whatever it was.”

The account was included in thousands of pages of UFO-related documents recently declassified by the British Ministry of Defense and posted online. To everyone’s surprise, the truth was not just out there, but in Florida, where Torres lives with his wife, Dorothy.

By midweek, he’d done a television interview with Great Britain’s Sky News and been featured on “Good Morning America.” “Nightline” had panned across pictures of him as a young lieutenant. Reporters were calling hourly, and Dorothy was leaving the phone off the hook at night.

Torres’ account begins with him scrambling his F-86D Sabre jet from an airfield in Kent, near the southeast coast, to intercept what he has since called a UFO circling East Anglia.

Ground control vectored him in at top speed, around 700 mph, and gave the order to “fire a full salvo of rockets at the UFO.”

From 15 miles away, he locked on to a target as big as an aircraft carrier, according to his radar screen. He was on course to intercept in 10 seconds but still hadn’t seen the thing when it started to move away. Within seconds, the UFO was off lock; it soon vanished.

Back at the airfield, Torres was told the mission would be considered classified. The next day, an American who looked “like a well-dressed IBM salesman, with a dark-blue trench coat,” debriefed him and warned he would be breaching national security if he talked about what had happened.

Looking back, Torres said he’s glad he never got a shot off that night; surely a craft capable of moving as that one did would have had weapons systems to match. “I would have been vaporized,” he said.

“Just a dumb little kid going to slaughter.”

He’s angry, convinced that the British and U.S. governments have information they’re not sharing; and wistful, because he believes he’ll never know the truth. “We can’t be alone out here,” he said.

The phone then rang, CNN on the line

Was the McPherson tape a real alien abduction?

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In a a word, NO.

It was a low budget docu-drama made in 1988 by film-maker Dean Alioto  on a budget of $6,500. Here is what he had to say about it…

In 1988 I was headed for my 25th birthday and I had not yet made my first feature film — this 25th year mark is crucial for most filmmakers as it was the age that, Orson Wells, Coppola, Scorsese, Spielberg all had made their first films by.  Unlike them, I had a budget that equaled the size of craft service for a day on a studio feature film.  One night after reading the latest books on the UFO phenomenon (Communion, Missing Time, and the books of Jacques Vale), I came up with the idea of making the most realistic movie on UFO abduction ever made.  The best part of the idea was that it could be done for my miniscule budget.  I wrote an outline of twenty action beats based on the claimed abduction experience.  I hired a group of skilled improve actors, except for myself who played the 16 year old shooting the video, and shot the direct-to-video movie in one night, in one continuous take, on 8mm video.  The guy who created the UFO craft and aliens has since gone on to be the production designer for the recent live-action Scooby-Doo films — Bill Boes.

It’s listed on the Interent movie database here. There’s a more detailed explanation of the whole story here.


October 20, 2008

UFO ‘near miss’ at Heathrow

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A passenger jet coming in to land at Heathrow Airport had a near miss with a UFO, according to newly-released Ministry of Defence files. Skip related content
The captain of the Alitalia airliner was so concerned he shouted “look out” to his co-pilot after seeing the brown missile-shaped object shoot past them overhead.

The mysterious incident near Lydd in Kent in 1991 was thoroughly investigated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the military.

But having ruled out the object being a missile, weather balloon or space rocket, the MoD closed the inquiry and left the matter unsolved.

The unexplained close encounter is one of many recounted in military UFO documents now made available online by the National Archives.

Documents show the McDonnell Douglas MD80 aircraft was en route from Milan to Heathrow at 22,000ft with 57 people on board when pilot Achille Zaghetti saw the strange object 1,000ft above him.

He recounted: “At once I said, ‘look out, look out,’ to my co-pilot, who looked out and saw what I had seen.

“As soon as the object crossed us I asked to the ACC (area control centre) operator if he saw something on his screen and he answered ‘I see an unknown target 10nm (nautical miles) behind you’.”

The files show that Southern TV broadcast a story about a 14-year-old boy who reported seeing a missile flying at low level before climbing through the cloud and disappearing on the same evening.

An unnamed Whitehall official wrote: “It is our intention to treat this sighting like that of any other Unidentified Flying Object and therefore we will not be undertaking any further investigation.”

There were a number of other similar incidents recorded in the same year.

On June 17, 1991 four passengers onboard a Dan Air Boeing 737 saw a “wingless projectile” pass beneath the aircraft as it climbed from Gatwick Airport headed for Hamburg.

And on July 15 the pilot of a Britannia Airways 737 reported seeing a “small black lozenge-shaped object” travelling at speed as they approached Gatwick

From Sky news.

July 1, 2008

Yet another UK UFO sighting! June 25th.

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UFO seen above Harborough
A BAFFLED office worker who saw a strange silver ball hovering in the skies above Harborough has appealed for other witnesses to come forward.
Rachael Berry said she saw the shiny, metallic looking ball moving above fields near to the Brampton Valley Way before it disappeared from her sight near Clack Hill.

Miss Berry (33), of Stockwell Close, witnessed the phenomenon from her office at Cps Ltd, in Sovereign Park off Lathkill Street on Wednesday afternoon last week (June 25).

She said: “This thing hovered up and down and across quite slowly. It was too big in scale to be a simple party balloon. It was quite visible in the distance from my office window.

“I would say it was fairly large but nowhere near the size a hot air balloon would be at that distance, and not the shape of one either – it was perfectly round and very, very metallically shiny.

“The ball moved at a good pace but stopped a few times and went up then down a bit then carried on to the left.”

Miss Berry said the ball had a rigid ‘tail’ about 2.5 metres in length hanging down from it and continued to move until appearing to stop above Clack Hill.

She added: “It hovered there and went up and down a few times, then dissappeared. I don’t know if it vanished or came down in the field. I lost sight of it. ”

Miss Berry’s sighting comes in the same week that three soldiers captured footage of UFOs flying above Market Drayton, Shropshire.

And this is not the first sighting of mysterious objects in the skies above Harborough.

In August and September 1996 dozens of people came forward to say they saw UFOs above Welland Park Road, De Lisle Close and Farndon Road.

Scores more reported seeing lights in the sky during the summer of 1997 and in January 2006 the Ministry of Defence released a report detailing a January 2004 sighting of a black triangular aircraft with three lights.

In March last year more than a dozen people contacted the Mail after witnessing strange lights in the night sky above Harborough, but the puzzle was solved after it emerged they were Chinese lanterns released during a birthday bash.

Aliens from prehistory

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So, there are quite a few depictions of what I’d loosely describe as ‘aliens’ in cave art, some of them are pretty ancient.

Sego Canyon Utah, 7,500 BP.

From Tassili, 8,000 BP.

Val Comonica, Italy, c. 12,000 BP.  Kiev ‘alien’ figure, 6,000 BP. This is the most convincing one, in my opinion.

Wandjina’s from Australian cave art. These are meant to be spirits that bring rain. They are meant to be about the same size as children (Greys?).

Legends about the Wandjina say that they once caused a great flood that devastated the landscape and wiped out the human race. Disappointed with the corrupt behavior of humans, the Wandjina opened their mouths and released a torrent of water (Sounds familiar).

After the flood, the Wandjina spread out to different parts of the land. They created new humans and helped them set up a new society. To prevent further floods, the Wandjina kept their mouths closed. In time, their mouths disappeared completely.

There are quite a few medieval depictions, I’ll do them in another entry.

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