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July 16, 2009

Adam’s Calendar

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Someone sent this to me as ‘proof’ of an ancient civilisation in Africa.

Adams calendar.


It is claimed to be a Stonehenge like calendar, 75,000 years old. What a load of bollocks that is.

First of all, I’ve seen no evidence this site was ever dated, or that they are anything other than a natural rock formation (although I’ll concede it is possible the stones come from elsewhere, not enough reliable info).

Secondly, they claim it matches the stars- well after 75,000 years no stone circle will match the stars as the damn thing move from their positions over time, and 75k is certainly enough time for a lot of them to have moved away from any ancient intended alignment.

This is meant to show roads and and a city.

Nothing but natural formations there. I guess the guy has to sell his book somehow.


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