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January 14, 2009

Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval get a telling off.

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Famous (well relatively well known) author of various books, and who I have a link to on my site…

Someone ripping  a strip off him and Robert Bauval. I came across it while doing some research into Egypt. Apparently Hancock won’t acknowledge he made a mistake. Link 

Worth a read if you like seeing an academic ripping into pseudo science. It gave me a giggle.



January 13, 2009

How long can a headless chicken live? 18 months.

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This comes under the  ‘very strange but definitely true ‘ category.

Miracle Mike.

 On September 10th 1945, Lloyd Olsen went out into  his farmyard in Fruita Colorado, and beheaded a chicken for the table. However, events then took a turn for the bizarre, as ‘Mike the miracle chicken’ kept on pecking around in the dust.

This continued for about 18 months, with Mike being taken on tour, and fed by a dropper straight into his throat. Apparently being headless didn’t affect his appetite, as he’d grown to over eight pounds by the time he died

January 8, 2009

UFO rips arm off wind turbine

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A local turkey farmer described a glowing white light with an orange edge near the turbine as he drove past on Sunday moning. In Lincolnshire. The torn of arm was found beside the turbine, as yet there are no other theories as to how it happened…. date it occured is thought to be Sun 4 January 2009.

Seriously, it does look like something hit it damn hard from the air. Definitely an X files case.

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